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Mash-up of 

  • AWOLNATION Sail (Feed Me Remix)
  • Lorde Everybody Wants to Rule the World

By Song-Masher - Downloads - Donate - Request a Mash-up!

Sail © 2011 Red Bull RecordsEverybody Wants to Rule the World © 1985 Phonogram (UK), Mercury (US), Vertigo (CA); The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack © 2013 Republic Records, Mercury Records. My mash-ups are transformative works and are protected by the DMCA’s fair-use doctrine.

Protip:  this is walking tempo, so make sure to play it while walking away from explosions like a badass

  • Track: Sail / Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  • Artist: AWOLNATION and Lorde
  • Album: Song-Masher
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